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The purpose of creation JSC "Shardarinskaya HPP" is to strengthen the coordination of the operation of the water - energy complex Naryn - Syrdarya cascade, optimization of energy supply in Southern Kazakhstan.


Audit statements of JSC "Shardarinskaya HPP" for the year 2014




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Financial statements of JSC "Shardarinskaya HPP" for the year 2013




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The purpose of the JSC "Shardarinskaya HPP" are strengthening coordination manual water - energy complex Naryn - Syrdarya cascade, more efficient use of the capacity of the water basin, the optimization of energy supply and energy regimes in the southern region of the Republic of Kazakhstan .

Hydropower plants mechanical energy of the moving mass of water converted into electricity using hydro turbines and hydroelectric generators placed along with numerous accessory buildings HPP.


Brief characteristics

Title HPP - JSC "Shardarinskaya HPP"

Year of commissioning - 10-15 October 1967

Date of formation of "SharGES " - September 22, 1998

Chairman of the Board - Zhanabayev B.K.

Deputy Chairman - Chief Engineer - Saymanov S.M.

Deputy Chairman's Board on financial and economic issues - Usipbek A.B.

Headcount - 157 people.

Company Structure - guild

Number of shops - 4

Type hydroelectric - fluvial,

Purpose - irrigation, power generation, flood control .

Station location - in the middle reaches of the river. Syrdarya

Installed capacity - 100 MW,

Number of units - 4 pcs.

Guaranteed power - 11 mW

Average annual output - 377 million kW,

Volume of the reservoir at NPU -252.00 m

a) full - 5.2 mlr.m3

b) useful - 4.2 mlr.m3

c) The surface area of the reservoir - 783.42 km2


Water pressure reservoir:

maximum - 24.0 m,

minimal - 11.4,

Settlement - 15.8 m,


Mean annual water consumption - 626 m3 / s.

Summer minimum flow rate - 56.3 m3 / s,

Winter minimum flow rate - 137 m3 / s,

Water flow through the turbine 4 at rated pressure - 780 m3 / s,

Shardarinskaya GES - part of the Naryn- Syrdarinsky cascade hydropower is closing .


Structures - 1

Location: - Republic of Kazakhstan South Kazakhstan region

Shardara str. Yelmuratova -13

Code: 161400

All releases the electricity sold in the SKR .


Shardara waterworks

  • Building hydroelectric
  • Pairing the power plant building with a left-bank dam abutment
  • Pairing the power plant building with the right bank
  • GIS 110 kV transmission line five -110kV substation "Shardara" 110/35/6 kV


Powerhouse channel type 46h107, 8m combined into one building with two spillways two holes (5h6m) left and right units. Conjugating facilities include dejectedly, apron and apron , retaining walls and the upper tailrace . Along the top, left-bank tooth base of the building hydroelectric arranged tubular drainage. Across the square two-layer foundation laid inverse filter.


Operating base

Autotechnical fleet of cars and tractors, are used for operational needs of the production car technology. The machinery used to provide operational needs of manufacturing.



Electricity generation

During work Shardarinisk HPP, which was commissioned in 1967, the maximum amount of electric power generation in the flood in 1969 was made - 648.1 million kilowatt / hour.

This record figure was surpassed in 2010: December 20 Shardarinskaya GES working even on old hardware, developed 648.9 million kW / h of electricity.

Thanks to well-functioning work station and professionalism of employees of JSC "Shardarinskaya power plant" by the end of 2010 Shardarinisk HPP was developed record volume - 670 million kWh of electricity.