Shortly about us

The purpose of creation JSC "Shardarinskaya HPP" is to strengthen the coordination of the operation of the water - energy complex Naryn - Syrdarya cascade, optimization of energy supply in Southern Kazakhstan.


1. Acquisition of shares (shares) - not planned.

2. Purchase of intangible assets - not planned.

3. Acquisition of fixed assets. Following activities are planned for the modernization of production by replacing obsolete and worn-out fixed assets, which are operated from the foundation Shardarinisk HPP (35 - 40 years).


Project "Modernization of Shardarinisk HPP"

The project provides a complete modernization of equipment and hydroelectric power is included in the list of the State program of forced industrial -innovative development of Kazakhstan (SPFIID).


Purpose of the project

Replacement of obsolete and worn out equipment;

Increase the installed capacity of the station;

Improving the reliability of operation and the reduction of the risk of accidents;

Improving the performance of the station by reducing the direct costs associated with the repair and maintenance of equipment.


Expected result

Increasing the lifetime of the plant, which will be 35-40 years old;

Increase in installed capacity of up to 126 %;

Improving energy efficiency by 7%


Period of implementation



Financing is at his own expense, as well as to attract foreign capital on mutually beneficial terms.


Current situation

Since early 2007, made ​​a general survey of the hydraulic structures and equipment of the station, which operated since the founding Shardarinisk HPP (47 years). Developed Feasibility Study. The work is done by transferring 110 kV outdoor switchgear at a safe place and the elimination of the right bank slope landslide phenomena.

Since 2010, at his own expense works on ORU-110 transport to a safe place , the elimination of the right bank slope landslide phenomena and replacement of auxiliary equipment in order to prepare for the replacement of the main equipment : generators and turbines. Together with the hiring of consultants for the project developed tender documentation for the EPC contract for the main exhibition "Replacement generators, turbines and auxiliary mechanical devices. Replacement of control system, relay protection and support of electrical devices . "In August 2012 an agreement was signed with the EBRD loan of 50 million euros. The result of a two-stage international open tender winner was German Andritz Hydro with its recognized advanced developments in the field of designing, manufacturing turbines and generators , control systems , control and relay protection based on microprocessor technology .

Project plan during replacement of hydraulic units provides maximum production of electric energy in affluent season. Construction works are scheduled from 2014 to 2017. Output to full capacity - 2017 year.