Shortly about us

The purpose of creation JSC "Shardarinskaya HPP" is to strengthen the coordination of the operation of the water - energy complex Naryn - Syrdarya cascade, optimization of energy supply in Southern Kazakhstan.


Hydraulic engineering complex Shardarinskiy waterworks along the Syr Darya , designed by the Central Asian department of the Institute "Hydroproject" them . SY Beetle USSR Ministry of Agriculture in accordance with approved protocol number 21 of 21/10/60 , the complex Its purpose : irrigation , power generation , flood control , and fish farms. River-bed reservoir , target hydroelectric dam located in Shardara South Kazakhstan region . The Republic of Kazakhstan

In accordance with the decision of the Institute " Hydroenergoproject " ( Middle -Asian branch) in 1960 were completed to finalize the draft technical Shardarinskiy reservoir and produces output working drawings for construction and implemented . The first head of the Department was Shardarastroya AK Kasymov control headquarters which are located on the ground Zhaushikum .

Seasonal flow regulation , partly perennial . Date of acceptance into service Shardarinisk GES - 10-15.10.1967 Shardarinskaya of HPP is closing hydroelectric Naryn - Syrdarinsky HPP cascade .

JSC " Shardarinskaya HPP" with 100 percent participation of the state was founded by the resolution of the South - Kazakhstan territorial committee of state property and privatization of number 585 of 25.08.98 , in application of the Republic of Kazakhstan Government Decree № 76 of 04.02.98 on the basis of the property complex Shardarinisk HPP. While JSC " Shardarinskaya HPP" is the successor of the rights and duties of RSE " Shardarinskaya HPP reservoir " according to the separation balance sheet of 22/09/98 , the

Share capital at the time of formation of JSC "Shardarinskaya plant" was 130188000 tenge. According to the decision of the Board of Directors of JSC " Shardarinskaya HPP" (Minutes № 1 dated January 25, 2008 ) increased the size of the authorized capital of the Company by way of capitalization of profits earned by the Company for the year 2006 , through the issue of shares worth 202.567 million tenge, which is registered by the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Regulation and supervision of financial market and finanosovyh organizations. Issue shares included in the State Register of equity securities . The authorized capital of JSC " Shardarinskaya HPP " on July 30 , 2008 is in the amount of 332,755,000 (three hundred thirty-two million seven pyatdesyat five thousand) tenge