Shortly about us

The purpose of creation JSC "Shardarinskaya HPP" is to strengthen the coordination of the operation of the water - energy complex Naryn - Syrdarya cascade, optimization of energy supply in Southern Kazakhstan.


4 hydraulic turbine with Kaplan impellers

4 25000 kW power generator voltage 10500Volt

2 power transformer 110/10kV capacity of 80,000 kVA

110 kV outdoor switchgear is located on the right bank of the Syr Darya River from the tailrace HPS at around 272 m , which is in the form of one partitioned bus system with two inputs from the GES and five feeders 110 kV. Here is space shields relaying lines.

Closed 10.5 kV switchgear consisting of two blocks LRU- 10, 5

2 dry auxiliary transformer with 11 panels of 0.4 kV capacity of 560 kVA

Machine room gated equipped with a bridge crane

Battery capacity of 220 volts 370 A / h , which is used for emergency power relay protection devices , switching devices and emergency lighting .

The engine room on the left and right HPP located pumping stations to pump water from the suction tube

To monitor the status of facilities installed instrumentation : concrete high-rise marks schelemery surface , supporting characters , in-depth benchmarks and level sensors .

Pairing the power plant building with the right bank effected by the rolled embankment length of 95.5 m along the ridge . Elevation 256 m ridge along the ridge of the road from the V category . Along foundation mating retaining wall drainage pipe runs with 3 layer inverse filter.

Substation works " Shardara " 110/35/6 kV with two transformers TMTG capacity 5600kVA .